Women’s Health In the North (WHIN) has identified violence against women as a priority work area since its formation in 1991. An increasing focus on preventing violence before it occurs, led WHIN to develop Building a Respectful Community – Preventing Violence against Women – A Strategy for the Northern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne 2011-2016. This strategy provides a framework, context and evidence-based actions to guide primary prevention work in the region.

WHIN works with partner organisations to support a regional approach to the prevention of violence against women (PVAW) by:

  • Convening and resourcing the Northern Metropolitan Region Preventing Violence Against Women Committee;
  • Delivering presentations, forums, professional development and events;
  • Producing resources;
  • Raising awareness of PVAW through social marketing, campaigns and strategies; and
  • Providing information and support to staff and organisations.

More information is available on the WHIN website.