The Violence Against Women and Children Forum

The Family Violence Statewide Advisory Committee (FVSAC) was established in 2002. In May 2013, the Victorian Government announced a newly-formed statewide Violence Against Women and Children Forum to replace the FVSAC, in line with Victoria’s Action Plan.

In 2016, the Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV) final report included a recommendation that the Forum be restablished “as the Statewide Family Violence Advisory Committee to advise the government on family violence policy and service provision [within 12 months]. The committee should include representation from experts, victims of family violence and system advocates with perspectives on both prevention of and support for victims of family violence. Consultation with the committee should inform the evolution and implementation of the Statewide Family Violence Action Plan.” (RCFV: Report and recommendations, 2016, p100)

Other governance structures

Other statewide governance structures overseeing the violence against women and children activity in Victoria continue to meet. These include the Indigenous Family Violence Partnership Forum. The RCFV recommended the continuation of this Forum.

For information about regional family violence governance structures, see this map.