New hi-tech police intelligence will assist with family violence matters

Police believe that a new hi-tech intelligence system, which will be introduced this year, will help: ‘• gather information on crimes and offenders more quickly as complex intelligence that once took hours to create will now take just minutes. • link people, events, vehicles, properties and activities to produce highly sophisticated intelligence • integrate open-source…

Jewish Taskforce closes

After 22 years of raising awareness, providing education about family violence and informing and referring people to broader support organisations, the Jewish Taskforce against Family Violence (JTAFV) has decided that its initial mandate has been achieved and so the JTAFV is closing.

Jewish Care is taking all family violence calls on 8517 5999.

Workforce Census to be launched

‘Victoria’s first family violence workforce census will be launched in March.’ This census will gather data from workforces involved in preventing, identifying and responding to family violence. The information will be used to develop the 10 Year Industry Plan and the government’s workforce reform program, as part of Ending Family Violence Victoria’s Plan for Change.…