The NIFVS Team convenes the following communities of practice (CoPs) on a quarterly basis for workers who respond to family violence in the northern metropolitan region: Resisting Collusion with Male Perpetrators, Safe & Together Model Implementation, and Family Violence Capacity Building.

Resisting Collusion

Workers who have attendedĀ Resisting Collusion with Male Perpetrators training are then invited to attend this CoP. Participants reflect on their practice relating to working with perpetrators; talk about the impact of the work; and foster a community that learns together through reflection, practice and participation.

Safe & Together Model Implementation

Provides an opportunity for workers who have attended the four-day Safe & Together training to meet, share, learn and reflect on implementing the Safe & Together Model into their practice.

The CoP is jointly facilitated by Nathan Heard, Anglicare and Emma Shaw, Berry Street.

Family Violence Capacity Building

Brings together those who are undertaking family violence capacity building work for resource sharing, support and networking. Members include workers from the Specialist Family Violence Advisor Capacity Building Project (AOD and Mental Health), Strengthening Hospitals Responses to Family Violence and MARAM and Information Sharing Sector Capacity Building Project.

Young Women and Family Violence

In 2018 and 2019 the NIFVS Team partnered with Youth Support Advocacy Service (YSAS) to facilitate quarterly sessions for workers who are supporting young women who have experienced intimate partner violence. A summary of learnings from these sessions is now available.

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