The Service System Overview provides workers with an understanding of the family violence system in the northern metropolitan region (NMR).

The Overview was developed during COVID-19 in place of NIFVS Regional Induction sessions and consists of an introduction presentation, interviews with service providers and links to resources to help improve responses to family violence.

Part One – Introduction and System Resources
Part Two – Interviews with Family Violence Services
Part Three – Films about the Legal Service System
Part Four – Interviews with Key Service Providers
Part Five – Next Steps

Part One – Introduction and Service System Resources

Watch the Service System Overview Introduction Presentation.

Intake Pathways: Maps showing pathways for victim survivors (adults and children) and perpetrators entering the family violence system.

Family Violence Services Snapshot: Summary slides of family violence services.

Quick Reference Guide Family Violence Services: Information about family violence services.

NIFVS Service Directory: Comprehensive service directory of family violence and related services.

Part Two – Interviews with Family Violence Services

Intake Services – The Orange Door NEMA

Responses to Victim Survivors – Berry Street

Responses to Aboriginal Victim Survivors – Elizabeth Morgan House

Responses to Perpetrators – Uniting

Part Three – Films about the Legal Service System

Legal Service System: Overview of the legal service system in relation to family violence and the intersection with family law.

Victoria Police Response: Describes Victoria Police response to family violence.

Intervention Orders & Legal Support: Information about Family Violence Intervention Orders and how legal support can add to a victim survivor’s safety.

Magistrates’ Court: Explains what happens at the Magistrates’ Court during an Intervention Order application.

Part Four: Interviews with Key Service Providers

Family Violence Flexible Support Packages – Anglicare

After Hours Responses for Victim Survivors – The Salvation Army

Therapeutic Responses for Children and their Families – Berry Street

Responses to Victim Survivors of Sexual Assault – Northern CASA

Aboriginal Men’s Healing and Behaviour Change Programs

Counselling and Group Work for Victim Survivors

Part Five – Next Steps

Terminology and Acronyms: Definitions of common terminology and acronyms in the family violence sector.