Week Without Violence activities can be run with a range of groups. The following information outlines some considerations in planning activities in a group work setting.

Women’s and Children’s Family Violence Support Groups

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Week Without Violence 2016

Facilitators of family violence support groups may consider using a session to conduct a Week Without Violence activity.

The Clothesline Project is an opportunity for women and children to safely and publically express the impact that family violence has had on their lives.

Other examples of activities for support groups, can be found in the family violence group work manual Collected Wisdom.

New Parents Groups

New parents groups, often run by Maternal and Child Health Nurses, are important settings for acknowledging family violence. Pregnancy and new birth are periods when women can experience increased risk of family violence.

The Clothesline Project can be one way of women expressing themselves and their solidarity for those who experience family violence. It may also provide an opportunity for nurses to identify and respond to family violence amongst group members.

Men’s Behaviour Change Groups

Men’s Behaviour Change groups are important settings for Week Without Violence activities. Activities like the Clotheslines Project provide a way for men to reflect on the impact of their behaviour on their partners and children.

Secondary Schools

It is recommended that any work done in schools uses a ‘Whole of School Approach’. Single session activities are not recommend as learnings are not able to be reinforced.

Respectful Relationships is a whole of school approach that has been introduced by the Victorian Government, as a result of the Royal Commission into Family Violence. Respectful Relationships is now a component of the curriculum in Victorian schools.

Any Week Without Violence campaign in schools must link in with these Respectful Relationships programs.

If you are interested in running a group in a school, contact info@whin.org.au to get in contact with a Respectful Relationship Officer.

Tip Sheets for your activity: Responding to Disclosures from Women and Responding to Myths