october, 2020

7oct - 28oct 79:30 amoct 28Coercive Control and Social Entrapment Workshop Series9:30 am - 12:30 pm (28) Online event


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A series of workshops focusing on Coercive Control and Social Entrapment: Addressing the Violations of Family Violence by Examining Systems of Power.

7 October – Foundational Session on Coercive Control

In this talk Professor Julia Tolmie suggests that intimate partner violence has been traditionally understood within the legal system as a ‘bad relationship with incidents of violence’. Using examples from caselaw and drawing on the research literature she suggests that it is better understood as a form of ‘social entrapment’. Understanding intimate partner violence in this manner allows us a fuller and more accurate picture of what is happening, meaning that we can respond in a manner that is better matched to the operation and harm of intimate partner violence.

14 October – Foundational Session on Community Coordinated Response

Coercive Control and Court Processes – Prof Heather Douglas
Exploring the Intended and Unintended Consequences of a Coercive Control Offence – Prof. Heather Douglas and Rosemary O’Malley

21 October – Foundational Session on The Politics and Practice of Intersectionality

Collusion – It’s Not What You Think! – Rosemary O’Malley
Responding to Victims/Survivors’ Resistance to Domination in the Context of Domestic Violence – Lisa French & Susan George
Intersectionality and Access to Justice – Roshan Bhandary & Jacqueline Hough


28 October – Patricia Hill Collins’ Matrix of Domination to Contextualise Intersectionality

On Social Entrapment: Intersectionality and The Heterosexual Matrix – Kate Foord & Maryclare Machen
Collusion – Let’s Make Sense of Our Accountability Practices as Co-Facilitators – Tracy Castelino & Anthony Lekkas
Applying a Queer Feminist Intersectional Lens to Social Entrapment and Coercive Control – Kate Foord & Maryclare Machen.


7 (Wednesday) 9:30 am - 28 (Wednesday) 12:30 pm


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