For more information and resources about working with CALD communities in the context of family violence, visit the inTouch or 1800RESPECT websites.

Practice resources

Overcoming Barriers
A toolkit to improve responses to CALD women and children who have experienced family violence. (NIFVS)

Islam and Muslims Oppose Violence against Women: A guide for women includes information about child-, early- and force marriage and is available in four community languages. (Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights)

Family Safety Pack
Available in 22 community languages, these have information on Australia’s laws regarding domestic and family violence, sexual assault, forced marriage and Partner Visas. (Australian Government)

Women on Temporary Visas Experiencing Family Violence
Tip sheet about responding to issues faced by women on temporary visas who are experiencing family violence. (inTouch)

Working with Muslim women on the effects of family violence and child sexual abuse on children
An Australian Muslim Women’s Human Rights Centre guide.

Cultural competence when working with CALD communities
A 1800RESPECT video guide.

Window of opportunity: cultural misunderstanding
A 1800RESPECT video guide.

Improving Cross-Cultural Practice: strategies and resources for working with women from CALD backgrounds
A 1800RESPECT video guide.

Collected Wisdom
A manual which collates practice ideas and activities from family violence group work in the northern metro region that can be used by other group workers. (NIFVS Counselling and Support Alliance)

Healing, Together
A manual which outlines the diversity of family violence group work and provides examples of work carried out across Melbourne’s northern metropolitan region. (NIFVS Counselling and Support Alliance)

Other resources

Path to Nowhere: Women on Temporary Visas Experiencing Violence and their Children
Report of National Advocacy Group

What about the children? The voices of culturally and linguistically diverse children affected by family violence
An inTouch report.

Hearing Her Voice
A report from the kitchen table conversations held with CALD women in every state and territory between October 2014 and March 2015.

Resources from the NIFVS Responding to CALD women who have experienced family violence forum (November 2015)
Summary and presentations from the NIFVS forum.

Refugee settlement, safety and wellbeing
An inTouch report.

Integration case studies

Whittlesea CALD Communities Family Violence Project
The Whittlesea project is a unique, place-based model that focuses on the needs of a multicultural community.