For more information and resources about working with people who’ve experienced sexual assault, see the 1800RESPECT and CASA Forum websites.

Practice resources

Asking women about intimate partner sexual violence
A resource that aims to provide current information to those working in health care settings about how to approach the discussion of intimate partner sexual violence with their female clients and patients. (Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault)

How do I support someone who has been sexually assaulted?
Resources developed by 1800RESPECT, CASA House and the Royal Women’s Hospital.

Challenging misconceptions about sexual offending
Fact sheet produced on behalf of Victoria Police to address some of the common myths and misconceptions about sexual offending. (Australian Institute of Family Studies)

Other resources

Building partnerships between mental health, family violence and sexual assault services
A project report by the Victorian Government.

Multilingual resources about sexual assault
Factsheets compiled by Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health