Information for family violence workers
For information and resources about problem gambling visit Gamblers Help. Visit the NIFVS service directory for information about problem gambling services.

Information for problem gambling workers
For more information and resources about working with clients who’ve experienced family violence, visit the 1800RESPECT website. Visit the NIFVS service directory for information about family violence services in the north.

Practice Resources

Gambling and Family Violence
Factsheet (Women’s Health In the North & Women’s Health East).

Understanding the Link between Family Violence and Gambling
Aimed at local governments this paper explains the link between family violence and gambling. (Women’s Health In the North)

Other Resources

The Relationship between Gambling and Domestic Violence Against Women
This qualitative study investigated the relationship between gambling and violence by men against their female intimate partners. (ANROWS)

Problem Gambling and Family Violence
 Research Update (Associate Professor Nicki Dowling)