NIFVS is not a crisis response service – if in immediate danger phone 000 or Get Help
Northern Integrated Family
Violence Services Partnership
For professionals supporting the
safety of victim survivors in Melbourne's
northern metropolitan region

Women’s Health in the North

‘Women’s Health In the North (WHIN) is committed to improving the health, safety and wellbeing of women and gender diverse people.’

(Helen Riseborough, WHIN CEO)

The Building a Respectful Community Strategy 2022– 2026 is the regional strategy for preventing gender-based violence and violence against women across the northern metropolitan region.

NIFVS Partnership

WHIN employs the Northern Integrated Family Violence Services (NIFVS) team and supports the NIFVS Regional Integration Committee responding to family violence through workforce development, information and resources to support effective response, and family violence system leadership across Melbourne’s northern metropolitan region (NMR). The NIFVS team includes the Principal Strategic Advisor (PSA), the MARAMIS and Workforce Development Coordinator and the Communications and Project Officer.

WHIN’s Priorities
  • Gendered Violence Prevention
  • Gender Equity, Health and Wellbeing
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Family Violence System Leadership.  
Preventing Gender-Based Violence

In complementary work to the NIFVS partnership, WHIN also works with organisations to support a regional approach to Preventing Gendered-Based Violence.

WHIN collaborates closely with the Building a Respectful Community Partnership, a collective of 24 organisations across the NMR who are committed to collective action to improve outcomes for women and gender-diverse people.

More information is available on the WHIN website.