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MARAM and Information Sharing Resources
MARAM and Information Sharing Training

Prescribed Organisations


The Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework provides guidance to organisations prescribed under regulations that have responsibilities in assessing and managing family violence risk.

It supports prescribed organisations to:

  • recognise a wide range of risk indicators for children, older people and diverse communities, across identities, family and relationship types.
  • keep perpetrators in view and hold them accountable for their actions and behaviours.

The Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme supports effective assessment and management of family violence risk. The Child Information Sharing (CIS) Scheme allows authorised organisations and professionals who work with children, young people and their families to share information with each other to promote children’s wellbeing and safety.

Helping End Family Violence – the Information Sharing Schemes and MARAM is a video that highlights the reasons behind and the benefits of the MARAM and the Family Violence and Child Information Sharing Schemes.

MARAM Resources

The (MARAM) Framework can be used by all services that come into contact with individuals and families experiencing family violence.

The MARAM Victim Survivor Practice Guides support professionals to understand their relevant responsibilities under the MARAM Framework towards the identification, assessment and ongoing management of family violence risk as it relates to their specific roles.

MARAM Embedding Guides: Guides to support organisational leaders in the process of aligning to MARAM. (Family Safety Victoria)

MARAM Practitioner Guides: For DHHS funded services, these guides provide practitioners with an overview of their role as a Screening and Identification or Brief and Intermediate practitioner.

Perpetrator focused tools and practice guidance will be available by early 2021.

Information Sharing Resources

Guidelines and resources are available in relation to the Family Violence and the Child Information Sharing Schemes.

MARAM Training

View the MARAM training map and the MARAM Training Decision Tree to work out which MARAM training to attend.

Training for Specialist Family Violence Practitioners

MARAM Leading Alignment training is suitable for organisational managers and leaders who have a role in supporting organisational alignment to MARAM, including alignment of practice, policies and procedures.

MARAM Comprehensive Family Violence Specialist -Renewing Practice from CRAF to MARAM (one-day training) is for specialist family violence practitioners who have extensive experience, and who have previously completed specialist CRAF training.

MARAM Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Management Module (two-day training) is for family violence specialists who are new or who have not previously completed specialist CRAF training.

Training for Other Workforces

MARAM Brief & Intermediate Level Training for Child First, family services, AOD, homelessness and designated mental health workforces. This training is for professionals whose purpose of intervention is linked to family violence but not directly focused on family violence. (Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare)

Brief and Intermediate/ Screening and Identification training for other sectors will be available as an e-learning package in 2021.

Child & Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme eLearn package: Available for Department of Education and Training (DET) staff with a specific module for Maternal and Child Health staff. (DET)

VET Accredited Courses (DET & FSV)
Identifying and Responding to Family Violence Risk (22510VIC)
Intermediate Risk Assessment and Management of Family Violence Risk (22561VIC)

MARAM Collaborative Practice training is suitable for all professionals and focuses on collaborative practice and the foundational aspects of MARAM. It will enable practitioners to contribute to risk assessment and collaborate for ongoing risk assessment and management.

Family Violence Foundations is a free DVRCV self-paced course, which provides a common starting point for professionals seeking to develop necessary skills to undertake a family violence response role.

Information Sharing Training

Online training in the information sharing schemes is now available for practitioners and organisational leaders.

Prescribed Organisations

Find a list of organisations that are prescribed in Phase One under MARAM and the Information Sharing Schemes.

Find a list of organisations that will be prescribed in Phase Two under MARAM and the Information Sharing Schemes from 19 April 2021.