Week Without Violence activities can be run in a range of settings. The following information outlines some considerations in planning a display in shopping malls, libraries or in an agency.

Shopping Malls

Week Without Violence Display, Broadmeadows PlazaShopping mall stalls are a great way of taking a public stand against family violence. They can provide information to people who may otherwise not come in contact with services.  Stall holders may also choose to run a Clothesline Project activity for members of the public to engage in. Experience shows that women may disclose their experience of family violence to someone staffing a stall.


A library is a unique environment to have a display as it attracts a broad cross section of the local community and a display takes minimal effort to set up and maintain. Unlike a public stall, it does not require staffing. You may consider supporting a similar display in a book store.

Contact your local library to see if they will support a display table containing relevant books (on violence against women, feminism, trauma recovery etc), promotional material and service information. Libraries may also choose to support the Clothesline Project by providing paper T-Shirt templates and a guest book for library users to write anti-violence messages.

Displaying painted T-shirts in the external windows of the library can also be highly effective, particularly if there is a large amount of foot traffic.

Agency Displays

Agency displays can be highly effective in raising awareness about family violence in the community and are simple to implement. Agency staff might decide to have a display in reception areas, building windows or the staff room.

Click here to view suggested resources for your activity.

Tip Sheets for your activity: Responding to Disclosures from Women and Responding to Myths