Information for family violence workers

For more information and resources and about housing and homelessness, visit the Office of Housing and Council to Homeless Persons websites. Visit the service directory for information about housing and homelessness services in the north.

Information for housing and homelessness workers

For more information and resources about working with clients who’ve experienced family violence, visit the 1800RESPECT website. Visit the NIFVS service directory for information about family violence services in the north.

Practice Resources

Family Violence Protection Kit
Kit for support workers and advocates to assist people in rental housing who are affected by family violence. (Tenants Victoria)

Homelessness Services Guidelines (2014)
Details the program requirements for staff and funded agencies to work within, and build upon, to ensure a consistent approach to service delivery.

Other resources

A Crisis in Crisis – The appalling state of emergency accommodation in Melbourne’s north and west
Report prepared in response to consumer feedback that highlights the crisis in crisis accommodation in Melbourne’s north and west.

Nowhere to Go
Equity Economics report detailing the benefits of providing long-term social housing to women that have experienced family violence. (Everybody’s Home)

Fund the Family Violence System Factsheet
Family violence is the number one cause of women’s homelessness in Victoria. NIFVS research highlights the need for immediate as well as long-term housing and support for women and children experiencing violence. This factsheet summaries that research.

Counting the ‘Cost’ of Family Violence in Melbourne’s North: article
The June 2015 edition of Parity, the Council to Homeless Persons national magazine, included an article by the NIFVS team about our ‘Fund the Family Violence System’ research.

Integration case studies

Families@Home is an early-intervention program that aims to provide “wrap around” services to families at risk of violence.