For more information and resources about working with men who use violence, visit the No To Violence website.

Resources for practitioners

MARAM Guidance for Professionals Working with Adults using Family Violence
Perpetrator focused tools and practice guidance. (Family Safety Victoria, Curtin University & No to Violence)

Invisible Practices: Intervention with fathers who use violence practice guide
Australia-first guide for working with fathers who use violence against their families. (ANROWS)

Guidelines for Engaging People who Cause Family Violence Harm
Provides a comprehensive guide for health/mainstream services in how they can respond to perpetrators based on best practice. (Inner North West PCP)

Interrupting Male Violence with men who use Domestic and Family Violence
Provides information on brief, safe and effective male violence intervention practice for generalist health and human services workers. (Education Centre Against Violence & NSW Health)

Culturally Responsive Practice with Men who use Violence:
Tip Sheet about best practice principles when working with men from migrant and refugee communities who use violence. (inTouch)

Working with Perpetrators of Domestic and Family Violence: A Toolkit to Support Community Housing Providers
Toolkit that offers practical resources, strategies and information. (Community Housing Industry Association NSW)

Identifying and responding to men who use violence in their intimate relationships
Aimed at GPs, but useful across the service system, this article describes how practitioners can identify and respond to men who use violence in their relationships.

Men’s behaviour change – Minimum standards manual
A DHHS and No To Violence guide.

Opportunities for early intervention: bringing perpetrators of family violence into view
Report with recommendations that highlight ways the justice system can interrupt the cycle of family violence to make perpetrators more visible. (RMIT Centre for Innovative Justice)

National Outcome Standards for Perpetrator Interventions
The National Outcome Standards were endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments under the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022.

“but he’s a good dad, right?” Responding to fathers who perpetrate family violence forum
A summary and presentations from the NIFVS forum.

Resources for men who use violence

Multi-language Poster for Men
This poster informs male perpetrators of family violence about support service available in the northern metropolitan region.

Men Think Safe Act Safe
This easy English book provides information for men who use violence. (Southern Melbourne Integrated Family Violence Partnership)

Integration case studies

Interview with Craig Caple, Men’s Behaviour Change Practitioner (2018)

Kildonan UnitingCare Family Violence Intervention Program—Men’s Behaviour Change