For more information and resources about working with victim survivors with disabilities, visit the Women with Disabilities Victoria or 1800RESPECT websites.

Practice resources

Victim Survivors with Disabilites
Webinar focusing on responding to victim survivors with disabilities using an intersectional framework (NIFVS)

Working with Women with Disabilities
Tip sheet for family violence workers responding to women with disabilities. (Women with Disabilities Victoria & DVRCV)

Family Violence Response for Women with Disabilities
Quick guide to safely managing disclosures. (Women with Disabilities Victoria)

Our Right to Safety & Respect
Video resource and video guide, developed by, and for, women with disabilities about violence, abuse, safety and respect. (Women with Disabilities Victoria)

Getting Safe Against the Odds
Guide for service providers in the family violence and disabilities fields, who support women with disabilities experiencing family violence. (DVRCV)

Family Violence and Disability Films
Four short films for disability workers to identify and respond to family violence when working with people with disabilities. (Women with Disabilities Victoria & National Disability Services)

Violence Against Women with Disabilities
Women with Disabilities Victoria fact sheet.

Safety Planning for Women With Disabilities
A 1800RESPECT guide.

Identifying Economic Abuse for Women with Disability
Online toolkit with questions and resources for people with disability, their service providers and supports. (Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre)

Understanding violence against women with disabilities (2015)
A 1800RESPECT webinar.

Disability Act 2006 for service providersInformation and e-learning resource regarding the Disability Act 2006. (DHHS)

Victims of Crime Easy English Resources
Easy English resources to support people with limited literacy to understand when violent crime, including family violence, has happened to them and what they can do.

Other resources

Voices Against Violence (seven papers)
Voices Against Violence is the landmark research. The 2014 project reports on the extent and nature of violence against women with disabilities in Victoria. It can be ordered from Women with Disabilities Victoria. (Women with Disabilities Victoria, in partnership with the Office for the Public Advocate and DVRCV)

Violence Against Women with Disabilities
A Women with Disabilities Victoria position paper.

Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services final report
Final Report to inform Victoria’s role in the development of a national disability services quality and safeguarding framework. (Victoria’s Parliamentary Committee on Family and Community Development Committee)