NIFVS training has been postponed until at least the end of April.
Check out resources from previous NIFVS forums which provide useful information on a range of topics.

MARAM Collaborative

Five people discussing.

Explore how to contribute to risk assessment and collaborate for ongoing risk management through respectful and sensitive engagement with victim survivors, information sharing, referral and secondary consultation.

This is not risk assessment training, but forms an integral component of the MARAM suite of training for professionals responding to family violence.

Identifying Family Violence: Responding to Victim Survivors

Two women talking

Recognise family violence, gain strategies to respond to disclosures and learn about appropriate referrals.

Foundational training for any professional who works with adult victim survivors.

This training is useful not just for practitioners, but also for managers, HR and reception staff.

Our Trainers

NIFVS trainers bring a diverse mix of relevant family violence experience and come from a range of sectors in the northern metropolitan region.

Find out more about our trainers.

Resisting Collusion with Male Perpetrators

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Effectively identify, understand and resist invitations to collude with male perpetrators of family violence.

For professionals who have attended family violence training and who come across male perpetrators in their work. Family violence professionals who respond to victim survivors are also welcome to attend.

In-House Training

NIFVS also delivers fee-for-service training in Identifying Family Violence: Responding to Victim Survivors and Resisting Collusion with Male Perpetrators. To organise this training, fill in a training request form.